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SUN DEVIL TRAILER MFG. IS LOCATED AT –                                                                                                                        23910 N. 19TH AVE, SUITE #4                                                                                                                                                  PHOENIX, AZ. 85085.    


Contact us at - 480-372-0522

email address - [email protected]


 What We Do
 Sun Devil Trailers custom designs and manufactures trailers to fit our customers’ needs.  We will even drive out to your home or business for measurements, to make certain your Side by Side, Gator, motorcycle, etc. will fit on your newly designed trailer, and through your gate.  We also service and repair used trailers quickly, even as soon as the same 

Utility Trailers

Our Utility Trailers are custom built to your needs or the standard sizes we build are:  10’, 12’, 14’, or 16’ X 77” or 83”.  These trailers are also available in tandem axles which come with 1 brake axle and one standard tandem Dexter axle.


Car Haulers

Our Car Haulers are custom built to your needs or our standard size are: 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, or 24’ X 77” or 83”.  An extra wide is also offered at 102”.  These Car Haulers have tandem, 3500 lb. Dexter axles with one brake.  Medium duty Car Haulers has 6000 lb. Dexter axles, and both include brakes.  Dove tail upgrades are also available for our Car Haulers in 2’, 3’ or 4’.   Front toolboxes, spare tires, and different couplers are also available.



Dump Trailers

Our Dump Trailers are custom built to your needs or the standard sizes we build are 6’ or 7’ X 10’, 12’, or 14’ with tandem Dexter Axles with brakes.  These axles are 3500 lb. for light-duty trailers, 6000 lb. for medium-duty, and 7000 lb. for heavy-duty Dump Trailers.


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Landscape Trailers

We manufacture custom landscaping trailers to fit your daily workload –     Weed eater racks, Tool storage boxes, Tarp kits, and Water cooler racks.



Heavy Duty Trailers

Our Heavy Duty/Gooseneck Trailers are custom built to your needs or the standard sizes we build are: 16’, 20’, 24’, or 32’ with 6” to 10” channel frames.


Enclosed Trailers           Our enclosed trailers are custom built to your needs, and standards.  Any preference of dimensions will be manufactured for the durability and safety of your trailer.    

Boat and Motorcycle Trailers

We build all new Boat Trailers to custom fit your boat, pontoon, jet ski, or watercraft vehicle. Our motorcycle trailers are one of our Utility Trailers, custom made to fit your motorcycle, dirt bike, or multiple bikes to travel safely with plenty of lock down D-rings in easy- to- use locations.  They also include an easy- to- use gate or ramps to load the vehicle/s.



New Trailers Come with Lifetime Warranty and We Warranty Trailers We Repair


Trailer Repair


Sun Devil Trailers is a Dexter Axle service repair location.  We are able to locate most factory parts to replace your worn out or broken parts and components.  Some of the service and repairs we offer include, but are not limited to- wiring issues, axles, fenders and fabrication.



Replace Axels

Trailer Tires and Rims



Powder Coating

Wood Flooring Treating

Replace Bearings, Brakes, and Hangers



Lights and Wiring

  Sprayed in Bed Liner



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Trailer Modification


Sun Devil Trailers will make modifications to your existing trailer.  Some of the modifications we offer include, but are not limited to- new LED lights, new bunger boards and carpeting for boat trailers, D-rings, jacks, couplers, safety chains, spare tires, ramps, gates, toolboxes, ladder or weed eater racks.

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We do not manufacture Livestock trailers, but we will service or repair them.